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Cary Leibowitz: Museum Show

Jan 26, 2017 – Jun 25, 2017
Contemporary Jewish Museum
Cary Leibowitz: Museum Show

Cary Leibowitz: Museum Show is the first comprehensive career survey and solo museum exhibition devoted to the New York-based contemporary artist, Cary Leibowitz (b. 1963). Since the early 1990s, when he became widely known as, “Candyass,” a moniker that Hilton Als writes, “becomes yet another means of deflecting criticism,” Leibowitz has carried on with an interdisciplinary practice that turns a critical eye on subjects of identity, modernism, the art market, queer politics, and kitsch. In his comically self-effacing text-based works, for which he is best known, he mixes his obsessions with popular culture and fine art with elements of social commentary, self-loathing, institutional critique, and stand-up comedy. [1] His work manages to seamlessly blend comedy and neurosis in such a way that questions about appearance and identity become a running commentary on the self/other.