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Maikaze Daiko

Thu, Jul 12, 2018, 12:30pm-1:30pm
Yerba Buena Gardens Festival
Maikaze Daiko

A recent addition to the vibrant Mission District arts scene, Maikaze Daiko was founded to preserve and promote the awe-inspiring art form of modern taiko, or kumi-daiko. For the vast majority of its history, taiko was associated with village festivals, traditional Japanese theater, battle, and religious ceremonies. Master Daihachi Oguchi invented the modern taiko ensemble in the early 1950s, and sensei Seiichi Tanaka, the father of American taiko, formed the first Western group in 1968, San Francisco Taiko Dojo. That’s where Maikaze Daiko founder Bruce “Mui” Ghent underwent ardent and grueling training. In addition to developing the discipline of mind and the physical strength required for this demanding art, Maikaze Daiko students learn the history and culture of taiko, both recent and ancient.