A Tasty Escape with K&L Wine Merchants

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A Tasty Escape with K&L Wine Merchants

Wine Tasting with K&L Wine Merchants

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Saturday afternoons at K&L Wine Merchants on Harrison St. are portals to the world on the wings of wine with their geographically-themed wine tasting series. These sessions are guided by knowledgeable store associates who provide customers with individualized attention as they explore the sensory experiences of six different wines with varying price points. 


 One Saturday in late June, I attended a tasting featuring the wines of Italy. Among the people also in attendance were those with plans to travel in Italy keen on familiarizing themselves with the different regions’ offerings, or for others, had recently traveled to the country and were intent on a little mosey down memory lane. (Such was the case of the couple at the table next to mine.) Yet another gentleman was taking a class on Italian wines and wanted to solidify some of the concepts with an hour of tasting. 


I was noobing it 100%, as someone who rarely even drinks this nectar of the gods. Nonetheless, I was in good company in the pleasant and conversational environs of the shop.  


I’d swirl, sniff, and sip each offering after store associate Dejah Overby gave a complete history of the bottle’s origins and qualities. It was a wonderful experience in mindfulness;  just simply attending to the smells, tastes, and looks of the diverse selection that transported me all around Italy. 


It was sometimes a bit challenging (in the most pleasant of ways) to name what I was tasting and smelling. But Dejah said that we have got to enjoy our own experience of the wines, as taste is always a subjective affair.


By the last few samples of some delicious and dry reds, a 2019 Chianti and Caiarossa Toscana, in particular, I caught some confidence and correctly named a wine with my new-earned boldness.


As the hour-long tasting came to an end, my stomach began to grumble for some satisfying entrée to pair with the wine I’d enjoyed.  


I headed back out into the sunshine, smiling and at peace after my noonday escape to Italy. A Saturday for the books! 


K&L Wine Merchants is located at 855 Harrison St. Check out the store’s upcoming events here.