American Artist presents Dignity Images

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May 8 - August 11, 2019

American Artist presents Dignity Images

Museum of the African Diaspora

Social media has enabled a level of performativity that impacts how individuals capture their experiences, and present their lives to the world.

While the digital platforms on which we post, capture, and promote our images champions the supposed democratization of one’s image, social media also involves a high level of surveillance, subsequently prioritizing the capitalistic objectives of corporations.

Enter the Dignity Image. A term coined by American Artist, a dignity image is a personal image that is deliberately withheld from social media circulation.

This exhibition seeks to explore the idea of the dignity image as it relates to Bayview-Hunters Point, aptly labeled as the “Most Isolated Neighborhood in San Francisco.” American Artist and the Museum of the African Diaspora partnered with Bayview-Hunters Point organizations and individuals to capture these images within the site specificity of San Francisco.