Elad Lassry

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January 3 - May 10, 2020

Elad Lassry


Elad Lassry probes and disrupts photographic images and prescribed modes of looking to analyze the relationship between objects and their representations. Using various elements such as wire and stainless steel ball bearings to obscure images, Lassry alters the flatness and framing of his pictures to destabilize how we engage with photography. In this exhibition, Lassry presents three distinct groupings of new work: collaged photographs using sourced archival negatives from sales catalogues and amateur snapshots of nature; outtakes from an imaginary fashion campaign; and container-like structures made from used motorcycle gas tanks. Viewed together in the gallery, these photographs and sculptures feel familiar yet disorienting. Lassry’s rigorous conceptual strategies generate intentional collisions, highlighting perceptual paradoxes inherent to the photographic medium, while questioning the very meaning of pictures in contemporary culture.