Feeling Fine at Café Madeleine

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I was strolling down New Montgomery and found myself partial to a nosh. I thought of Café Madeleine. It’s great, as I know from personal experience, for a biscotti and a hot, strong joe; such was my order for a time during my days working at SFMOMA just two blocks away.

Striding to the counter, confident that I’d repeat my order of yore— that is, until I saw them, behind the glass: a small heap of golden yellow frittatas, looking too good to be true. I had to change up my plans.

I found myself a table in the back of the café and soaked in the familiar milieu of workers taking a break over a cup of joe and some spirited conversation. Soon enough, my little eggy wonder in a tasteful brown to-go box was lifted to me over the counter much like baby Simba was presented to the animals of Pride Rock by the wise Rafiki. 

I received this promising box with care and the very thrill of bliss coursed through my bloodstream. My excitement continued, palpably, when I popped open that lid and found a jubilant burst of spring mix salad ensconcing the frittata. I plunged my fork into the greens with gusto and savored the mustard-dill dressing: a titillating affair that was fresh yet satisfying.

The goat cheese, tomato, and basil frittata, however, stopped traffic. My mind traffic, that is.

It was time for lunch-dessert, the sweet dregs of the noonday meal: my chocolate-almond biscotti and the still hot remains of my coffee. The java melted the delicious chocolate and the mélange was, in a word: “wow”.  The whole effect amounted to supreme satisfaction.  

J.T. (a.k.a the estimable Justin Timberlake) sang me out of the Café Madeleine with his 2006 chart topper “Sexy Back.” 

One thing ‘twas sure, I thought, as I exited onto the street. I’ll be back to the Yerba Buena Gardens Neighborhood, whenever I next get my chance.