Sippin’ Santa: Magic is in Full, Festive Swing at Kona’s Street Market

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November 8 - December 31, 2023

Sippin’ Santa: Magic is in Full, Festive Swing at Kona’s Street Market

Kona's Street Market

5:00 pm - 12:00 am


The weather outside was mildly frightful as I stepped into Sippin’ Santa, the pop-up currently installed at Kona’s Street Market, Yerba Buena Neighborhood’s charming bar on 3rd Street, right near Market. The atmosphere inside the bar, however, was nothing short of delightful: my eyes drank in the cheerful scene: a sea of patrons, some seated at tables and others standing, talking gaily, wearing colorful leis (found at the bar) and bedecked in festive sweaters, sipping ice-cold libations from fun, curly straws that extended into cute holiday mugs with tiki-twists. Among the merry mug line-up were a shark with a santa cap, a pink-cheeked Santa in a boater’s hat with a dulcet mermaid’s tail, little baby reindeer shot glasses, and a surfing santa in flip-flop and swim trunks, sporting sunshades as he looks out, one can imagine, at the tubular curls in which he’s about to hang-ten. 


The mugs were surely endearing, but how were the drinks inside of them? I motored up to the bar to find out for myself.


A Splash of…Yum!


 With the advice from an amiable barkeep, I decided upon the Sippin’ Santa. I was told it’s a well-loved choice, with its tropical taste combining perfectly with a robust holiday spice. I found my way to a table near the door and took a sip. Then another one.


The drink was delicious. Containing aged Demerara rum, amaro, lemon, orange, and an inspired dash of gingerbread mix, the beverage was robust with flavor and  instantly refreshing. I sat by a body-confident inflatable Santa that bobbed in the waves as he surfed enjoying his tropical surroundings. I enjoyed every aspect of the proceedings from my seat, me and my Santa pals.


Beverages are superb, festive, and tiki-tasty!


Decked-Out Decor


People continued to smile and laugh with each other under a canopy of multi-colored Christmas lights that twinkled their green, pink, red, and blue bulbs in festoons from the ceiling. The walls, bedecked with sheets of jolly holiday wrapping paper, lent the place a cozy and lighthearted feel.  Upbeat, seasonal tunes accented the blithe spirit of the bar and its patrons who pause here and there to take group-photos and selfies with the good-natured decor.


I identified with these people looking to keep a souvenir of their experience at Sippin’ Santa— a photo would be nice, but one of these mugs…now, that would be some straight bliss right there.


Santa does it all at Kona’s Street Market. The life of the party, on and off the board!


A Christmas Mug Miracle!


Turns out, as I learned from the back of the menu, I could make a mug my very own.  If I wished I could purchase one for about $25 as a reminder all year round.


Well, I do wish. And let’s just say, it’s coming very true.


My Surfin’ Santa mug is sitting right here, next to me. And I got one for my sister, too. 


Festive times call for festive measures, baby! Let’s do this.


Sippin’ Santa is open through December 31. Its hours of operation are from 5:00 pm  til’ 12:00 am, Monday through Saturday, and it is located at 32 3rd Street in San Francisco. The bar will not be taking reservations until January. Happy Holidays!