Sweet Adventure at City Nights

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Gone Clubbin’


The moment I entered City Night, the DJ had me and the crowd euphorically dancing and singing along to his set. He played Top 40 Hip-Hop (one of my all-time tip-top favorites) mixed with Electronic Dance Music and club hits. The grand effect was an uninhibited, mischievous, and intoxicating glee that seemed to alight the air with fun.





This event was called Midsummer Mayhem: The Biggest College Party of the Bay. Its playfully sexy beach party theme saw Tiki thatching over the bar and beach balls festooning the dance floor. Beams of spotlights roved through the sultry smoke effects and revealed the hot pulsation of the club.



Add to this delicious atmosphere an abundance of colorful bikinis, plus a plethora of Hawaiian shirts with all their signature fun-loving seaside elegance and I was squarely in beach mode. 



Beachy Keen



Whatever tension I came in with was gone. I had one thing on my mind: to have fun. 



I cooled off for a moment by a table near the back corner of the venue, sipping my delicious and refreshing (and strong!) tequila soda. It wasn’t long however, until  the undertow of the party pulled me, joyfully, back out to sea and into the wild waves of the dance floor.



And that, my friends, is how I was oh-so-happily whisked away to sandier (at least in my mind), less inhibited times last Saturday night without even leaving the San Francisco Bay Area.



On Friday nights, Ritmo Latino runs the venue with reggaetón, dembow, bachata, and cumbia music. A tip: expect highly energetic and liberating exhilaration.  On Saturday nights, Club X: The Biggest 18+ College Party of the Bay takes the proverbial mic. Either day you choose, you’re in for a feast of fun. Just wear your dancin’ shoes!



City Nights is located on 715 Harrison St. in San Francisco. Tickets and more information can be found here.